The Hummel Studio Policies 

 All students/families agree to the following policies upon enrollment.                        

 Updated July 2020


 Lesson Fees 

 Public School: Rates are set per each district and may vary.

 Email for more details:

 At The Hummel Studio Home Studio:

      $30 new student administration fee

 $30- Half hour

 $45- 45 minutes

 $60- One Hour

 Ask about ensemble opportunities!

 In-Home Lessons (Limited openings)

 60 minutes: $65

  Online Lessons via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime: $30 for 30 minutes 

 All lesson policies apply to online lessons. The student is to initiate the call at the agreed upon start time. The student will be charged for the whole lesson if not available for all or part of the call. 



 Payment is due monthly in advance by the first lesson of each month. 

 Lessons not paid on time are subject to a $10 late fee. 

 The instructor reserves the right to suspend lessons for students that are not current with payment and lesson instruction will resume once the payment is received in full. 

 Students more than 30 days late in payment may be removed from the studio. 

 This studio is my livelihood and I appreciate your consistent and on-time payments. Thank you!


 Online: Via Chase QuickPay with Zelle (use studio email address:

 Automatic Bill Pay: Your bank mails a check. 

 Email me for the address:

 Please, no cash. Thank you!

 Checks returned with an “insufficient funds” letter  will be assessed a $35 fee. 


  Music and Equipment

  Please bring a pencil, note book or journal and post-its for your lesson assignments.                                 

  In accordance with copyright law, students must purchase their own copies of sheet music and etude books. 

 Students are also required to purchase a metronome, tuner, and any other accessories necessary for the use and maintenance of their instrument.


  Practice and Performance

 STUDENTS: Beginning students are expected to practice 30 minutes, without more than two days off in a row. 

 Intermediate and advanced students are to practice 1-2 hours daily. A practice journal is to be used to both assign and monitor practicing activities. 

 In addition to practicing, students may be given listening and concert attendance assignments. 


 PARENTS: It is the parent’s responsibility to help their child make practicing a part of their daily routine and to ensure that the student has a place where they can practice with minimum distractions. Please review their lesson notes each practice session. 


 In order to ensure continued musical development, students are strongly encouraged to take lessons over the summer when they are in town. 


 The instructor reserves the right to terminate instruction for students who are consistently unprepared for lessons or who are unwilling to practice as prescribed. 


 Attendance and Make-Up Policy    

1. If you need to cancel for any reason, a 24-hour prior notice is required

 Please keep in consideration that your lesson time is reserved specifically for YOU. If you need to miss, a make-up credit may be granted but not credits/refunds. Make-ups granted are based on the discretion of the instructor.

2. Lessons canceled (with at least 24 hours advance notice) due to an illness or other legitimate excuse will be rescheduled and it is the family's responsibility to request the reschedule via email within 90 days. No make-ups will be given after 90 days.

3. If you know in advance that you will need to cancel a lesson, please notify me via email. Always review your emailed invoice prior to the upcoming month to make sure there are no conflicts (i.e., field trips, athletic events, appointments, etc.). It is the parent's/student's responsibility to notify me of any upcoming conflicts.

4. “No-shows” or lessons missed for other reasons (i.e., lack of preparation/planning, lack of materials, instrument, etc.) will be considered “unexcused” and neither rescheduled nor refunded.

Please note there are some areas in which I do not get cell service. In the case that I do not answer, please leave me a voicemail AND send me an email. Please do not send just a text message to cancel as it may not be delivered and received.  


 Please contact me directly to cancel a lesson, not the band directors or school, as I most likely will not get the message. 

 Personal note: I'm a mom and have kids and I know what its like to have conflicts arise (so I do give grace in cancellations), but also keep in mind this studio is my livelihood and I need to be consistent and fair with the policies. Thank you!


 If you need to terminate lessons, the minimum time to give notice is 30 days.

 Please note that graduating seniors still need to give this type of notice if they decide to terminate lessons before the school year ends. 

 Explanation of Lesson Curriculum

 1. Private lessons have very specific purposes in the development of a student’s playing ability. Please note that these lessons are not considered tutoring for band class. Because of this reason, assignments and approach to learning may be completely different from the band curriculum.

 2. One of the major focuses of private instruction is to give the student a chance to be in an accelerated learning program. One of the most important aspects that we focus on is the student’s ability to learn music and interpret music independent of any teacher or director. Some assignments may be given to the student without having the piece played for the student. The purpose of this is for the student to essentially “learn how to learn.”

 3. If a student has any questions about band music or assessments, I am happy to help with any issues that may arise.

 4. Throughout the year, there will be a number of auditions and contests for which we will be working. I will do my best to keep the students aware of all events that are going on that pertain to them (please note that not all students, because of their current skill level, will participate in all events). 


 Use of Technology, Photography, Videos and Social Media
Photographs and videos may be taken in lessons and at studio events. 

 By enrolling in the studio you grant Lisa Hummel the permission to use photographs and videos for any legal use, including but not limited to: educational purposes, publications, illustrations, copyright purposes, advertising, publicity and web content. Furthermore, no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to you by reason of such use. 

 Social Media

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 Photos and videos may be shared on the following Social Media platforms but are not limited to:

 The Studio Website


 Instagram (@thehummelstudio), 

 Hummel Studio YouTube Page


 1. A big part of developing as a musician is learning the etiquette and ability to perform in front of an audience. Recitals provide a real-life opportunity to experience nervousness and how deal with it. The more opportunities a young musician has to perform, the more confidence they will gain to perform in front of others!

 2. Recitals provide an excellent opportunity for younger hornists to see and hear the talent of more proficient hornists and get excited about their personal growth. It is also rewarding for the more experienced hornists to see how much they have advanced and to feel a sense of accomplishment in their development.

 3. Recitals provide an opportunity for students to share with loved ones and friends all the hard work and dedication they have put into the instrument. It is very rewarding to a student when siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. attend a recital. A little positive feedback and genuine praise go a long way!

 4. Life is busy and it is important to take time to truly focus on what your child is accomplishing. Most time on the horn is spent in a large group setting, or at home with many distractions. Watching your child at a recital is a rare opportunity to focus on just their music making.

 5. Studio recitals help to develop a sense of community and belonging. Seeing and interacting with fellow hornists helps to foster camaraderie and pride.

 6. Cost of recital participation is determined based on specific needs for the recital (accompanists, rental of hall, refreshments, etc.) and families will be notified in advance. 


 New Students

 In order to ensure that the student and teacher are the right match for each other, an interview may be conducted via phone or in person before the first lesson. 

 All students/families agree to the above policies upon enrollment. 




  Cell: 682-304-1530