Zen Band was created by Lisa Hummel with the inspiration and collaboration of a local doctor, Janelle Whitehead.

Zen Band is an innovative and therapeutic music experience that integrates sound therapy, physics of sound, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Would I benefit from a Therapeutic Music Experience??

Take this brief questionnaire to find out!

Ask yourself:

Do I enjoy listening to live musical performances?

Could I use a break and stress relief? 

Would I like to enhance and enrich my life in the following ways?

Do I find myself stressed or anxious at a minimum of once a week?

Would I like to improve my audition experience?

Do I currently experience ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, or exhaustion in life?

Am I interested after I read this review of Sound Therapy in the New York Times or this article from March 2020: https://www.gaia.com/article/healing-with-sound-frequency-and-vibration

If the answer is YES to at  least ONE, then a therapeutic music session is for you!!!

Email: hummelstudio@gmail.com to schedule a private session!

Individual Therapeutic Experience:

15 minutes- $20 (includes live Hertz therapy) *add ion cleanse for $50. See Below.

7 minute lesson "add-on" (Only Available at Hummel Studio Home Location) - $10

Ion Cleanse

NOW OFFERING Ion Cleanse by A Major Difference 

$60 per session, per person. Sessions range from 10-30 minutes depending on frequency of service.

$50 if add-on to a Therapeutic Music Individual session.

Discounts offered for packages of 3, 6, and 12. 

Email hummelstudio@gmail.com for availability!